Chardonnay grapes are suited to fermentation in new oak barrels, picking up vanilla and toasty scents with a slight buttery aroma. Chardonnay is often made to produce fresh apple and citrus flavours.

Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc can be dry, sparkling or sweet, typically exuding floral aromas, noticeable acidity and apple or pear-like flavours.

Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc grape produces varied taste sensations during its ripening phases and it displays an intense citrus or berry fruit flavour.


Riesling can range from dry to sweet and stony to floral in aroma. It is well suited to pairing with lighter and delicate tasting foods. It also ages extremely well.


Semillon can be manufactured as a bone-dry wine, or late-harvested to produce a classic dessert wine. Young Semillon has an aroma of figs, becoming more prominent with aging.

Pinot Gris/Grigio

Pinot Gris has plenty of body and provides a slight pear taste combined with a hint of minerals. This wine is fresh and food-friendly, without any overpowering oak or alcohol taste that might otherwise limit food pairings.


Viognier has an aroma of peaches and citrus. Varieties of Viognier produced in Australia and California lean toward the ripe and peachy end of the scale, and are an excellent example of grapes used to their full benefit.

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White wine is exceptionally popular in warmer climates where it is served at room temperature or refreshingly chilled.

It accounts for just under half of all wine production, and makes a fine counterbalance to red wines, with the perfect drop available for any occasion year-round.

White wine is usually easier to drink and gulp in quantity compared to red wine, which is usually sipped and tasted slowly to experience the full flavour of the beverage.

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