As a child I remember how excited I was to be alive and what the new day would bring. It didn’t matter what the weather was like – only that I was OUT THERE doing things. Jumping in a pile of leaves, stomping in water puddles after a good downpour, making mud cakes and having “tea” with my soft toys. Do you remember how you felt being outside?

Kids playing outdoors and experiencing their environment has many benefits including building physical strength, mental agility and gaining a new perspective. In todays world of cyber overload and white noise constantly around us – it is so good for kids to enjoy the outdoors and explore new places.

I remember when my dad built my sister and me a large treehouse from scratch by using scraps of wood and lots of creativity. We loved climbing up the ladder into our “house” and we were ecstatic to be up there in the trees and playing “Lady Lady”.

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